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After each category is explained, we get to try a glass of that type of wine.

Valencia bathes in an atmosphere resplendent with blue sky and sunshine.Kay (la jefa - the boss of Vámonos) is making sure all the members are there, while Alba checks all is well with her Power Point presentation which is to be projected to a screen.The room hushes, and Alba explains in wonderfully clear and easy to understand Spanish (even for those who did not speak Spanish) all sorts of information about the five main types of Spanish wine, leading us for example through different grapes types, where they are grown, and most interestingly for me, how the wine is made, the techniques differing from wine to wine.A fantastic evening, and if one comes up again, go for it. Just one, that I have now acquired a taste for good quality, and probably expensive wines. It’s been true since the beginning of time, and it never ceases to be true.

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Its inhabitants have a legendary friendliness, which will make you feel right at home.

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