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Catch will not interrupt the casting of some enemy special abilities, such as Twilight Abomination's roar.

However, just as the teleportation on Stone of Torment, it can interrupt the Twilight Abomination's attacks, and presumably other such slow attacks.

When new users join up, they are given four “starter decks” (16 cards), armies based around the games various factions, and 3,000 “Battle Forge Points,” the game’s virtual currency.

In order to build up your army and receive more units, you must purchase card booster packs — much like you would in a collectible card game (CCG) — for 250 Battle Forge Points.

The target unit will then be rooted to the ground for 12 seconds.

Rooted units are immobile but may still use ranged attacks and special abilities.

The Gods have disappeared and the old sun has died, letting a vile twilight engulf the world of Nyn.

In exchange for all treasures the mortals possessed, the evil giants agreed to forge a new sun and hurl it into the sky.

There's also a walkthrough for the first four scenarios of the single player campaign - while reading this you will get to know the nuts and bolts of the Pv E part of Battle Forge and get acquianted with the four basic decks, which you get right after creating your account.I decided that describing the remaining scenarios would be pointless, as every player has a different set of cards and uses a different strategy as a consequence.If you have a problem creating your first deck, have a look at the chapter with the descriptions of sample deckbuilds and strategies for using them. If you don't understand any of the expressions used, you're bound to find it's definition in the dicitionary.As the units are used, they gain battle experience. A player’s armies are represented by various virtual trading cards.The cards serve as the basis for EA’s pending virtual goods sales.

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EA is taking a big step in testing out a virtual goods model in a mainstream game.

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