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Citing serious concerns about NIJ's current peer review processes, NRC's evaluation called for significant improvements in how peer review is conducted in order to safeguard the science and to ensure a fair, transparent and competitive process for making research grants. It guarantees an independent assessment of the scientific merit of the proposed research.Rigorous, fair and transparent reviews by external scientific reviewers help ensure that the competitive grant process works as it should, that the best science gets funded, and that standards of scientific excellence are consistently applied to all grant applications.And you can help teach this valuable life lesson by enforcing consequences of your own, at home.Be sure to let your teen know, in advance, what the rules are (for example: you have a 9pm curfew on Friday night.) Be sure to let them know, at that time, what the consequences will be if they violate a rule (for example: if you violate the 9pm curfew, you will be grounded for two weeks.) Be sure to implement reasonable consequences consistently -- or your teen will not take you seriously and you'll be faced with one violation after another.Those likes reveal two things: One, there’s no shortage of places or opportunities online to register your positive or negative views of people.It’s called social media, and it’s been kind of a big thing for the last decade or so. See: Twitter’s teeming trollscape.)An FAQ posted to the Peeple website to quell the early fury stipulates that any negative reviews (that is, two or fewer stars — still can’t believe this is real) will be submitted to the reviewee in a text, at which point a 48-hour window will open for the two parties to “turn a negative into a positive” (whatever that might mean) before the comment is posted."Supervised dating" may seem like a relic from the 1950's, but it's up to you, as a parent, to ensure that your teen's dates are safe. It's not uncommon for teens to throw caution to the wind and test the limits.

In addition, assembling a committee could be challenging when deadlines were short.This privacy notice covers the information collection, retention, and sharing practices of Dating Ring (“We” or “we”) as they refer to users (“you) who register for any of our services or visit “Site”).Use of the Site and/or our services constitutes acceptance of our privacy practices, so please carefully review the disclosures below and check back regularly for any updates to our practices.Seems fair.) “We are bold innovators and sending big waves into motion,” reads a steely “CEO Update” posted to the app’s website, “and we will not apologize for that because we love you enough to give you this gift.”Extending the benefit of the doubt to Peeple’s creators might allow us to accept their stated intentions behind its genesis: allowing users “to better choose who we hire, do business with, date, become our neighbours, roommates, landlords/tenants, and teach our children.”But these rosy predictions of what Peeple will be used for blithely ignore what similar services have shown us in the past, from the curved grading that favors attractive teachers on Rate My to the ostensibly protective but deeply shallow dude-rankings of Lulu and the scourge of anonymous abuses that spread across the now-defunct Secret (which also relied on phone numbers as a binding agent for its network). well, read for yourself: “When the people found out that the earth was round instead of flat and that we revolved around the sun instead of the sun revolving around us naturally people were upset and confused and they pushed back with all that they had.”Ah, those flat-earther jerks. In an interview with Motherboard that emerged shortly after the upsurge of outrage, CEO and cofounder Julia Cordray compared Peeple’s “gift” of disrupting of the reputation management zone (as well as the lives of potentially thousands of unwittingly reviewable people) to .

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The NRC's evaluation characterized NIJ's peer review as "very weak," and urged the Institute to look to other science agencies, like the National Science Foundation and the National Institutes of Health, for good peer review models.

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