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I’ve written about spots here since the earliest days of because… Despite being jam packed with cool shit, Taitō is actually the smallest of the 23 Special Wards.

In terms of the sheer density of historical remains, neighborhoods, and world class museums[i], it’s the only place in Tōkyō that gives The Oiran Dokuchū was a daily form of advertising carried out in Yoshiwara, the official red light district of Edo. You can see a similar recreation every day at Nikkō Edo Wonderland.

It was, in fact, a product of the Post War Occupation restructuring of the city’s administrative districts.

In short, it was a new ward to be made of former Asakusa Ward – neither of which exist today.

Perhaps a little thought experiment can add to this conversation?

Say that Sarah is an ordinary woman inside and out.

I would also prefer to not use obvious porn titles such as "A$$ Fanatics" and the like.

We'll start in 2007 and work backwards so the first round of the game will be Round 2007.

In that round, every movie posted must have come out in 2007.

What will be posted in this game will be movie names.

In case that's not clear, here's an example: "B" is Brokeback Mountain.2) Each round is a year.

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It’s a great area, but for history nerds, it requires a little poking around to find the good stuff.

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