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On top of that, they are entitled to a huge inheritance.However, there is only one catch: they must attend the same school and live together in the same house for a year.If you think these sound ridiculous, take note of the latest celebrity diet fad: the "lollipop diet".Paris Hilton, Madonna and Britney Spears are said to be fans of the unconventional weight loss method, while, according to this week's Grazia magazine, Hailey Baldwin (niece of Alec) has been spotted sucking on what appeared to be an "appetite-suppressing lolly".After, he started studying English in Hsing Wu College Division.However, because of his school hours was not enough even though he participated in the midterm and final examinations, he was expelled from school; thus he transferred to Southeast University and attended the University of Science and Technology When he was young, he joined Taiwan's track and field team where he was placed 9th in a 100-meter race project.Blued is the largest social media and social network for the gay community on the planet, with new features and updates added regularly.Check out a few great functions:-Search for guys close to you or by location-Share unlimited pictures and updates on your profile page-Filter results by role, relationship status, and more-Follow users you like, and block those you don’t-Chat with text, pictures, or voice message-Use fun and flirty stickers and smileys -Connect with others in group chats-*NEW* Join in the live broadcast of hot guys, or start your own Blued is free to use and works Android devices running version 2.3 or later.

Six boys with different personalities and backgrounds are notified that they share the same father.His stage name Prince (or Wang Zi) started when he played as a prince in a Shakespearean play during his high school years.Thus, when he first entered the entertainment industry, the former Channel [V]'s director, Andy Zhang, suggested that the name will be used as it is catchy and easy to remember at the same time.In the end, they become from total strangers to close brothers, as well as making themselves adaptable to the changes in their life.However, the six brothers not only have to deal with their uneasiness and dislike for one another, but also everything the ten mean girls (Tong Tong, Da Ya, Gui Gui, Ya Tou, Hsiao Hsun, Hsiao Man, Apple, Mei Mei, Hsiao Chieh and Ko En) would do to make their school days a living hell for them.

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