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James Rhodes first met Tony Stark at a young age and the two of them became best friends, in a close bond/rivalry that would last their entire lives. Tony Stark represented the newest weapon to the US Military at the Yuma Proving Ground.When he grew older, Rhodes was made a Lieutenant Colonel and, due to his continued friendship with Stark, became the liaison between Stark Industries and the U. Stark's secretary Pepper Potts gave the weapon's specifics to the generals while he and Rhodes went to a night club.The rest of the Avengers are in this for personal gain, except for Clint, he just enjoys being a dick. Tony Stark has once again engineered something that might well lead to the downfall of Western Civilization. This time, however, it might just be the lesser of two evils. At least, that is, until someone who isn't him kidnaps Tony. Tony Stark was pretty sure the Universe had it out for him.Clint and Phil hate playing pickup, but damn, Clint loves the Roombas, and damn, Phil loves Clint, though he's not really sure why sometimes. Well, there's potentially a fifth, but it's highly unlikely that Captain America will suddenly fulfill THAT fantasy. Call it karma, or the natural balance, but on occasion, he had a sneaking suspicion that for every good thing that happened to him, something bad was waiting around the corner.

Thanks for your continued support of TNAWrestling!However, even though Aries did not allegedly ask to be released from WWE, he was apparently thrilled when he was handed down the release. Aries previously signed a three-year deal with the company in 2016, and if he had […] Event: WWE Money In The Bank Pay-Per-View Event Airdate: Sunday, June 18th, 2017 Location: The Scottrade Center in St. Due to the high demand, we have kept the old comments script for you guys.Other new features include a new top story script, poll, images inside news posts and much more!

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