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The development of infant-mother interaction among the Ganda.

(1985) From intentions to actions: A theory of planned behavior, In J. Beckmann (eds), Action-control: From cognition to behavior, Heidelberg, Germany: Springer, 11-39 Alderfer, C.

Marks presented here are grouped per dominant features; as some consist of more than one feature, they will appear in all appropriate sections.

Additional related marks can be found in via the menu ⇒Misrepresented #2.

(1978) Learned helplessness in humans: Critique and reformulation, Journal of Abnormal Psychology, 87, 49-74 Adams, J.

Stacey (1965), "Inequity in social exchange", in Berkowitz, Leonard (Ed), Advances in Experimental Social Psychology, Vol.

They all have one thing in common - sellers that claim that these are something completely different.This is a listing of the better-known marks and backstamps and enough information so that you can learn more about your porcelains. Obviously, the original name of a German company was in German. "1895–1900" means the mark may have been used during those years.Research and experience will tell you if the color, texture, weight, design, or general "feel" of the piece is right. When translated, several possible forms could have been used. If the initials in the mark were directly connected to the foreign name, it may have a more awkward translation. If it is a date such as "1895 ," it is not known how long after 1895 the mark was in use. The date could have been used at any time during the years on either side of 1895. Most of the time they are from the first year that any predecessor company worked until the last year any successor company worked, provided that the name or management was continuous.Index Main Page Categories - dogs, dancers, butterflies etc. This is my standard reference book, this is the one that sits constantly on my desk and is constantly used. It cost me US0 and I don't regret one cent of it.) Jugendstil: Rosenthal Porzellan Vom Jugendstil zur Studiolinie.Designers Kunstabteilung Art Department list of figures Bahnhof-Selb list of figures Frequently Asked Questions Figures for sale Haupt-Seite auf Deutsch General reference books Struss: "Rosenthal", by Dieter Struss. An excellent volume, highly recommended.100 Jahre: "Hundert Jahre Rosenthal". (Rosenthal Porcelain From Art Nouveau to Studioline). the wonderful web site where I got most of my books from - thanks Guenter! German Porcelain between inflation and depression era - the time of Art Dco. Petzi: The CD by Peter Vetterman, better known on e Bay as Petziman.

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Bareuther & Co, Gareis, Kühnl & Cie, Greiner Rauenstein, Jäger Eisenberg, Porzellanfabrik Kahla, Gebrüder Simson Gotha, Kalk Eisenberg, Porzellanfabrik Stadtlengsfeld, Porzellanfabrik Königszelt, Porzellanfabrik Tettau, Porzellanfabrik Könitz, C. Tielsch Altwasser, Krister Waldenburg, Triptis Porzellan, Otto Reinecke Moschendorf F.

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