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The Czech Bar Association, through its International Department, organises many international training events for its lawyers and trainee lawyers.The International Department has decided for the first time ever, to integrate professional speed-dating as part of a conference, namely the Czech-Slovak-German Lawyers Forum, a two-day event for lawyers from the Czech Republic, Slovakia and German Sachsen and Bamberg which took place in November 2016 in Pilsen on the topic „International cooperation between lawyers“.It’s all yours to discover with your Eurail Portugal Pass! You are qualified for these subsidies if you are a non-german student or a young founder traveling from a foreign country.Participants are curious to learn more about each other, they approach others more easily and the whole atmosphere of the training shifts towards a friendly and more informal one.Construction of the first German high-speed rail lines began shortly after that of the French LGVs (lignes à grande vitesse , high speed lines).We may have failed to notice some minor glitches in the article.Please plunge forward and help improve it further before it hits the main page.

While tickets booked "last minute" can be expensive, a bit of planning can make tickets surprisingly cheap.

The first ever professional speed-dating went extremely well and we have received great positive feedback from all the 80 participants.

Speed dating plays a major role as an ice-breaker and has a lasting effect even after the end of the speed-dating.

Johan’s experience is not unique in Germany, but it’s pretty much unheard of in the United States.

This year, while presidential candidates make stump speeches and offer proposals about how to create jobs and remake the American educational system for the 21st-century economy, we aren’t likely to hear much that resembles the German system.

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  3. Can anyone sign up for the online speed dating Meet N Greet events? The Meet N Greet events are open to the public although VSSEAC members receive priority scheduling. We do not post members photos on-site (unless we have express permission to do so). VSSEAC memberships always start on the 1st of the following month (eg.