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On another occasion, Clopton's crew were draining the flooded basement when the noticed the words 'help me' scrawled on the window.

The Glenwood Springs Post-Independent discovered the 40-year-old photo of Bundy, along with others, that had been locked in an old safe in the newsroom, which a local locksmith volunteered to open.

I just went to a free screening of Ted at the Greenback theater in Sacramento, CA. A movie hasn't made me laugh that hard in a long time.

Now, I'm not going to give you any more information than the description because with the movie not even being released yet, I think that would be a spoiler of some sort.

Though many details haven’t yet been released, we can assume the story will be dark and harrowing, as Kloepfer has already written about her experience dating Bundy and eventually turning him in to the police in her book, “I can count on two fingers the times Ted threatened me or was the least bit violent towards me.

Yet I feel that I have lived through a violent time.

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